Wayne O’Neill & Associates (WOA) provides a fresh approach to business development, sales coaching, and liquidity creation. Our goal is to get you out of deal-chasing mode and into a cycle of building sustainable accounts.  We teach leadership how to transform their top-line growth process from the traditional, technical sales model, to one that is focused on connecting.Connect

WOA specializes in coaching top decision-makers on growth strategies via account development. Our methodology is based on the gathering of client insight, understanding the business and political issues affecting industry targets, and collaborating with external partners to create meaningful and comprehensive answers. Utilizing this approach, we coach executive leadership on how to authentically connect with clients. Anyone can sell; but when you really understand your potential clients, you can impact them with definitive solutions— not just transactions.

The competitive edge of our practice is encapsulated in its dual nature:  WOA coaches both institutional owners and service provider firms.  Because we simultaneously accumulate knowledge from both halves of the market, we are able to coach each respective side on how to effectively connect with the other.  The symbiotic relationship between the two sides of our practice provides a more composite understanding of the key business issues and needs that are driving today’s companies.


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